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Blockchain transforms ticket sales


Have you ever tried to purchase a ticket to an event only to find that the ticket you thought was good was merely a copy, and many other people held the same ticket?

Are you frustrated with the excessively high ticket prices as a result of add-ons and the ticket industry? Have you ever been so frustrated with the high prices for events and the hassle of uncertainty that you just decided not to attend?

Blockchain to the rescue!

Today, some innovative companies are using blockchain technology to blast through those barriers and make ticket sales smoother, safer and less expensive while allowing fans to enjoy the event more. One of those companies is Detroit-based PassageX, which is working to help fans support the artists they love, be there for the events they want to attend, and cheer on the causes they want to support.

Transforming an industry

Blockchain technology has transformed many industries and is continuing to transform others. It has enhanced security, made transactions smoother and easier, and reduced costs. It has demonstrated this with smart contracts and cryptocurrencies, and now it is also doing it for ticket sales.

I recently spoke with Alex Linebrink, the CEO and co-founder of PassageX. (You can see the full interview here.) He shared with me how the company is using blockchain to make the process of purchasing a ticket and experiencing your favorite artist, event and/or activity easier.

Their goal is to change what for many has been a frustrating and aggravating experience into the delight and joy it should be when you attend your favorite event.

Check out the video and notice where blockchain technology is moving today. Think about how you could deploy this type of technology in your business.

Blockchain is changing the world of business today. Get to know it. Embrace it. And hey, if you’d like to take in some great events more securely at a cost savings, bounce over to and check out what they are doing.

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