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Blue Microphones: Tools for Business Communication

Blue Microphone is a company known for high-quality microphones. Now they have expanded to offer microphones that provide strong, professional quality for business. With the use of microphones like these you can expand your business and your bottom line.

I know because that is what I’m doing.

Lately I’ve been using their Snowball microphone. It is the size of a baseball and has exceptionally good clarity and sound. I heard about this one from Fergus McClelland over in London, England a while back when I was speaking there. He raved about it. Well, when I got the chance to try it myself, I understand why Fergus was so excited about it. The quality of sound is exceptional. Deep, rich bass sounds, good mid-level and the highs are nice. The microphone also has the ability to moderate volume. I don’t understand all the technical details of audio, but I know rich, clear sound when I hear it. With the Snowball microphone from Blue Microphones, you get that rich, clear sound that is unmistakably professional.

Now the company has a new webcam that jumps ahead of many in the market. Their new offering, called the EyeBall, provides HD video AND audio. The quality of sound is rooted in the rich tradition that Blue Microphones is known for. In addition to that, they have put together video on this tiny little webcam that comes across beautifully. I’ve tested it on my Dell XP Windows machine and on my MacBook Pro. It does a good job on both platforms with exceptionally good video and audio.

Yet, with all the great technical abilities that Blue Microphones demonstrates, I still contend that these are not audio and video products. Nope! They are tools to connect with people in a marvelously rich, human way to communicate your message. Yes, the nuts, bolts and wiggle-pins of their microphones and webcams are amazing, brilliant and top-notch. You’d be hard-pressed to find better quality audio and video elsewhere. However, where it shines is with the ability to connect with people in a meaningful, rich way.

In today’s market — or any market — that is a real competitive advantage for you.

Both products run $99.99 each. Check it out at and see what all the excitement is about. And be sure to watch this fun, informative video I got with the Founder Skipper Wise and COO Ty Schultz. You’ll be glad you did.

To watch this video as I interview Skipper Wise, the Founder and President of Blue Microphone and Ty Schultz, COO, click on the video below. These two discuss the history and the philosophy of Blue Microphone and explain how we can use these tools for audio, video conferencing and more.


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