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Boost Your Business With This Disney Technique

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Terry Brock: Okay you entrepreneurs, you people who take action and get results you people who are in sales, which by the way is all of us today.

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Terry Brock: Or you just want to see a significant difference in your business and get a real competitive advantage. Hi, I’m Terry Brock and I wanted to share something with you today.

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Terry Brock: That I was just reading recently that you kind of really impressed me and it’s a way that you can get ahead in your business, you can get your customers.

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Terry Brock: Your clients those wonderful people that you work with just giddy with glee. And it’s something that’s pretty simple.

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Terry Brock: But it’s not easy and it takes planning to make it happen to share with you an article that I read just the other day, and here was in smart brief a magazine that I get online.

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Terry Brock: Written by a guy named Steve McKee I do not know Steve But Steve, if you ever watch this. Thank you very much for doing it.

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Terry Brock: So good that nobody notices that you’ll notice this picture here, that’s obviously at Disney World.

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Terry Brock: And Disney World. I think, I think it’s Disney World. It might be Disneyland. But I’m here in Orlando, so I’m going to call it Disney World. But either way.

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Terry Brock: The important point is he talks about what’s going on, he looks in the automotive industry where he’s been. He also looks at what is happening in different areas and apple

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Terry Brock: Set a fraction of $2 billion dollars in excess cash to make our existing iPhones work better.

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Terry Brock: Rather than pushing us towards what repeated hardware upgrades but incremental. Excellent.

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Terry Brock: isn’t nearly as sexy or profitable, at least in the short term as the Thrilla do too often we focus in business on the nuke thing or the cool thing we can do here. Something like that.

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Terry Brock: What really makes a difference is something else that you and I can do in our businesses. That’s really important. What it is it’s we see it at Disney a lot

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Terry Brock: We see at Disney, what they’re doing is they are making sure that they take care of little details like for instance, here’s one thing that

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Terry Brock: Was really important Disney always seems to be adding new ride, but the company also spends a fortune to keep its parks clean, safe and comfortable.

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Terry Brock: Disney like a perceptive waiter or a skilled referee recognizes that excellent sometimes means doing all you can to remain unnoticed. What you want to do is make sure that all those little things are working right.

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Terry Brock: Now that’s hard. It’s easier to say, hey, we’ve got a big sale going hey we got this new incremental thing that’s going on or we got this new breakthrough idea.

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Terry Brock: Those are good. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it what we got to do is we got to make sure that we’re staying with it.

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Terry Brock: I really like what he said here, as he finished it up. He says, that’s the question excellence often comes down to desire.

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Terry Brock: If all you’re interested in is a big bold newsworthy initiatives, you may get a lot of attention, but probably won’t ever achieve true greatness and here’s the real key.

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Terry Brock: Incremental excellence will never be as sexy as the thrill of the new because the better you get, the less noticeable. The difference may be

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Terry Brock: But it can be very every bit as value the most efficient way to enhance momentum.

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Terry Brock: Is to propel it and I think that is nothing short of profound. What you want to do is right now examine your business, find out

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Terry Brock: What is it that we’re doing what little things matter to customers to our clients to our members or whatever term, you’re going to use for those wonderful people who pay your bills.

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Terry Brock: Find out what it is that they want find out what you can do to improve and to take that extra step and then implement it.

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Terry Brock: Use technology so that you can get more done you leverage your brain power with technology, but you want to have it based on the principles.

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Terry Brock: Of relationship marketing connecting with others relationship marketing is about paying attention to the details so that

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Terry Brock: They go unnoticed. We don’t even worry about. It’s just automatically done

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Terry Brock: And you keep making those customers giddy with Lee Hey, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave your comments below. Let us know what you think. If you got some ideas on how

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Terry Brock: To do that, wherever you’re getting this video really would like to hear from you and share this with your community, because that way. They will benefit, also from it. It’s an idea that, hey, we can make our world a better place. One of us at a time.

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Terry Brock: Just one action at a time each day doing the right things I’ll look forward to hearing from you, I’m Terry Brock with and thank you very much for joining me.

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