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Brilliant Way To Deal With Difficult People

By Terry Brock

How can you deal with difficult people as an entrepreneur? 

What can you do when there’s someone you run across, and you know the type, that has some really dumb ideas or even belligerent ideas that are not helpful at all?

In this video I talk about how you can deal with that based on time honored principles from great people.

I’m sure you can relate to those people you bump into who are very difficult to get along with. As an entrepreneur you want to be kind to people and you want to bring in as many people as possible to buy your products and services. Also as a person who embraces a voluntary lifestyle you don’t want to force your will on others.

So how do you maintain the voluntarist point of view and at the same time be an entrepreneur when you’re around people who are very difficult?

Here’s a quote in my morning study today and I really like it that relates to this;

Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860

“If you come across any special trait of meanness or stupidity . . . you must be careful not to let it annoy or distress you, but to look upon it merely as an addition to your knowledge—a new fact to be considered in studying the character of humanity. Your attitude towards it will be that of the mineralogist who stumbles upon a very characteristic specimen of a mineral. —Arthur Schopenhauer”

Henry David Thoreau

I like that way of thinking. Instead of criticizing or offering suggestions think of yourself as an analyst. Think of yourself kind of like a psychologist or psychiatrist would react. You could ask yourself what would a really good psychologist or really good psychiatrist do in this situation?

You would find yourself listening and trying to understand them more than making judgments. This is a good thing.

As an entrepreneur you can also benefit from what Henry David Thoreau said on a related note that he believed he could learn from everyone he encounters. 

This is a brilliant way to live your life in freedom, as a person who acts in a voluntary way with all where possible. As an entrepreneur, you can do much better this way than fighting.

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