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How this company lets you earn anywhere, anytime, from any device

Today’s economy gives millions of people around the world the opportunity to create their own business to run in their way, as they want. Models like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and others provide the ability to work when you want, where you want, and make real money to pay the bills.

I just discovered another service that gives thousands of people around the world the opportunity to make money, as their company says, “anywhere, anytime, from any device.” It is called Storm Token and uses blockchain technology. It is similar to services like UpworkTask Rabbit and Fiverr, but Storm has several advantages.

You can select from a variety of jobs with Storm but, because it is blockchain-based, it has strategic advantages. The fees are considerably less (1 percent vs. up to 40 percent), you get paid much faster (almost immediately vs. waiting a few weeks), and you can work in micro-transactions.

Micro-transactions provide the ability to be paid in small amounts of less than 1 cent up to a few dollars. This means someone could do a variety of tasks while waiting for a train, while on the train (assuming you have Internet access) and other times. For many in third-world countries, this provides a solid way to make real money.

Getting tasks completed

In a recent interview, I spoke with Simon Yu, the CEO, and Arry Yu (no relation), the COO. They explained to me that Storm provides a service for businesses that need tasks completed.

For instance, your company might wonder why you’re not getting the number of YouTube visitors you think you should. The company can work with you to line up thousands of users around the world who will be incentivized to not just watch your video, but to critique it on what is good, what could be improved and make suggestions.

The company uses a gamification model so those they contract with are incentivized to do more than just basic tasks. They build on their personal knowledge and experience with video games to make completing the task a fun challenge. This creates a win-win for both those doing the work and for brands that would hire them.

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