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Privacy in E-Mail and Calls: Connect in Private

Business-Building Action From Terry Brock

Building a business is about reaching customers and helping them. Today’s world is more interconnected and that helps make connections more fluid.

The downside of that increased fluidity in connections is that the bad guys can also get to your private email easier. Eternal vigilance, it has been said, is the price of liberty. In the same way, we must continually monitor for the security and safety of business communication.

Recently I had a chance to get to know about a service that can help every small business or mobile professional. It is called Connect in Private. This company provides the ability to secure email as well as to shop, bank and do business online in a very secure setting.

Connect in Private (CIP) provides the ability for you to protect your identity from hackers and those officious spammers. The service can be particularly important when you are accessing information on the Net from a mobile device. When you’re at a coffee shop or airport and access the Net without protection, it is much easier for the bad guys to tap into your computer and find out your banking information, email and passwords.

I worked with the people at CIP as they helped me to get this set up on both my Mac and my Windows Vista machines. Getting a live human being to assist is often the most important part of any technology.

The installation on my MacBook Pro went smoothly with no glitches. The instructions and help from the CIP people were top-notch and professional.

However, when we tried to install it on my Windows Vista machine I had all kinds of problems. They told me that many others (most of their customers) are using Windows so this was quite unusual. Yet, in the midst of all the challenges I was most impressed with 1) their degree of technical expertise in Internet security and 2) their very professional and helpful attitude to get things moving. I don’t think CIP offers classes in how to do customer service right — but they certainly could! I’m still working on the challenges with my Windows machine. Perhaps an upgrade to Windows 7 will help but I’m glad I have my Mac with CIP installed now.

One of the reasons that CIP is different from many other companies is that they are based in Panama City, Panama. This means that information there is not available to other governments. Panama is well-known for its devotion to privacy and security and having an Internet service based there makes a lot of sense. For you and me in business this means added security and privacy.

Like security in many places, it provides peace of mind. You could live in a gated community and not know about the bad guys who simply drove past you deciding it wasn’t worth their effort to try to break-in. Like that physical-world metaphor, you won’t know all the bad guys who were averted from even knowing you were there. The benefits of avoiding “what might have been” are often tough to sell.

Don’t wait for the crime of cyber theft to happen. CIP is a good service that provides updated measures for your cyber protection. For $100 a year it is a good investment.

(Connect in Private,, $100 annually)

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