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Credit Unions Make Quantum Leap with Google+ Hangouts Connections

Pushing forward with new technology takes a lot of determination – and guts! Recently I experienced that opportunity to show an organization how to use a new tool to increase their productivity and connect with others. This is what Relationship Marketing is really all about.
 As you watch this video you’ll see what we went through the process from the idea through implementation and the wonderful results plus you’ll find out other ways that the tool like Google+ Hangout that we talk about could be implemented in other organizations. By using Google+ Hangouts Credit Unions are making quantum leaps in productivity and communication — for free! This is a technology that many organizations can use today with a little practice.
This is a good video to open your eyes to see what is possible not  only from a technological point of view, but from the even more important psychological point of view. It’s all about embracing new technology and the right mindset to make it happen.

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