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Dealing with Toxic People — Even Toxic People Close To You


Daneille Koepke is right on target with this advice.

You can’t have toxic people hurting you and holding you back.

They come in a variety of forms. Some are competitors. Some are associates. Some are even (former) friends and relatives.

They will pull you down and destroy you if you let them.


Instead realize reality and stay away from those who seek to harm you. Those who are jealous, envious, or just don’t like what you’re doing have no right to harm you.

Take control of your life.

Stand up for what you believe and don’t let others hurt you.

Don’t try to hurt them. Don’t get involved in negative criticism. That will only pull you down,

It would be tempting to attack them, hit back, and try to defend yourself. Avoid that temptation.

Instead be polite, professional, and keep your negative thoughts away from voicing them out loud.

Focus on dealing with life as it is. If these people choose to be negative, that is the road they choose.

You’re better.

Become a better person as you avoid toxicity both in negative people who try to hurt you and embracing it yourself.

You’ll do better personally and professionally.

And besides, this will help you become more successful.

Remember, success is the best revenge!


Thank you for stopping by. Please share this idea about avoiding toxicity with your community. They will appreciate you sharing it with them and you’ll be helping to make the world a better place.

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