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Embracing Dignity And Respect For Relationship Marketing

Business-Building Ideas From Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE

As I was growing up, my mother always told me to treat people with dignity and respect. This was given as normal where I grew up out in the country in the Midwest. We valued people just as people and viewed everyone —- at least initially — with a basic level of dignity and respect.

Too many times today that sense of dignity in how to treat people seems to have gone the way of 8 track players and bell-bottom pants. At best many people seem to have a superficial, love you. Mean a plastic, forced smile at best. When this permeates marketing we have a culture of people who only see others as a quick way to make money or obtain some other objective.

You and I might wish that such a culture didn’t exist, but we can’t do anything about the big picture. What we can do is make some changes in our own lives and our own businesses, which will make a difference. Stay with me on this one and you’ll get away that can help.

We see it in the Internet marketing world too often. There are some very good Internet marketers who genuinely want to help others. However, there are too many that really don’t care for how you’re doing and don’t want to help. You’ve probably seen them. They make a good presence on the stage and have their audiences turning to each other as total strangers voicing some staid, trite saying like you’re terrific and you are too!  How manipulative!

Give me a break!

I think the world today is crying out for more sincerity. This is what human relations is all about. It is about caring for people as people — not just as someone who can buy something or help you in some ulterior way.

By the way, here’s a quick way to find out about the sincerity of the person on the stage. When you’re at the next meeting, walk up to and talk with them in person, face-to-face. First, see if they allow this. Second, watch their eyes and see if they are roaming for someone better to speak to while they are supposedly talking with you. See if there is a significant difference between the person on the stage and the person they really are off the stage. Those who practice real Relationship Marketing make it a point to be genuine, real and to be in the moment with you.

So, how can you and I do business today in this environment and be serious about Relationship Marketing? Make it a point to focus on people as people, not just consumers or prospects who could buy our stuff. Yes, we sell products and services. Yes, there must be value-for-value in every sincere interchange. Takers who only want something for nothing come on both sides of the transaction.

Focus on the real human being and the needs that person has. We’re all human beings. This is what life, not just business, is all about. Helping others to meet their needs and to be with them at crucial times is vital.

At a business level, you succeed when you genuinely, sincerely care about others and demonstrate that in words and actions. Human beings want to be with people who really care about them. That means building systems around you which can support your ability to care more for others. Think through what that means in your business.

When people walk into your store in business, do they feel accepted? Do they find the atmosphere inviting? Do they feel like you’re there to serve them? Continue to test this. Always focus on the needs others have and be there for them.

As you do this, you’ll succeed in any environment. Have a product or service that helps them solve their problems and pain. Be understanding of where they are as a human being. From that you will be enriched as a human being yourself. As a side benefit, you’ll also have a better business.

Yes, these are just basic, common sense values that many of us were raised with years ago. We need regular reminders to make sure we are listening to and caring for others. Somehow I think our mothers would be proud of us for practicing those important principles in our lives and our businesses. And then I think our bankers today will smile as they see the inevitable benefits from focusing on helping others and serving them.

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