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Entrepreneur – Have a Radical Rebirth For Your Business and Yourself

Agorapreneurs Power Report
from Terry Brock

Friday 29 January 2021  

You need to create a new you on a regular basis.

?The good new is that you can have a new beginning any time you want. In this powerful video interview I talk with a self-made multi- millionaire, Speaker Hall of Fame member who will give you the ideas and advice you need to succeed. 

His name is Randy Gage. 

He is a true Agorapreneur!

He has overcome poverty, a lack of formal education, being shot and left for dead (yes, true story), and has achieved freedom and liberty by his hard and smart work (yes, both).

I wanted to share Randy’s wisdom with you, my reader and subscriber, so you can benefit from what he talks about. His newest book, Radical Rebirth, gives you the ideas and the practical ways to make rebirth happen for you and your business. 

Today our world is undergoing change like never before. The word “unprecedented” is thrown about cavalierly. 

However, it is still true. 

Now is the time to equip yourself with the knowledge — and the motivation — to live the life of the Entrepreneur that you want to be. Yes, the Agorapreneur you want to be and can become. 

Enjoy this interview. Take notes. Learn.

Then take decisive action to make it happen.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting your opinion. 


Thank you for being part of the Agorapreneurs experience of living life in a voluntarily way, embracing the best entrepreneurial ideas and creating abundance for yourself and others. 


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