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Now We Are All Entrepreneurs

Now We’re All Entrepreneurs

You have to think like an entrepreneur even if you (still) have a job with a large company. Think Lehman Brothers. Think GM, Think State of California. Ugh! No job is permanent. Those who plead and beg for this strange animal called job security need a good welcome to the 21st Century.

Today we are all entrepreneurs. Well, we all have been for quite a while, but many didn’t realize it till they got the pink slip from their (former) employer informing them of the wonderful new opportunities that await them as an entrepreneur.


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There is no security in any job. There is only security in your ability to embrace and deploy market-valuable skills so that you solve problems others have. The more you can solve problems others have and satisfy their wants and needs, the more security you’ll have.

This is the way nature works. The only way you get ahead is by providing value for others to meet their needs. Always think in terms of what you can do for the other person.

This means that we all need to think like entrepreneurs. If this type of thinking begins to take place with more and more people I believe our world will be a better place.

An entrepreneur will change practices quickly. Success is realized when you can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. No job is secure because the marketplace keeps adjusting. If you try to continue making buggy whips when the horseless carriage comes along your job security will fade quickly.

Yet, in the midst of that change, you can do better by thinking of your skills and strengths. Let’s go back to my mythical buggy whip manufacturer. If you made buggy whips at the dawn of the horseless carriage era you knew leather. You knew how to mold that leather and make solid, long-lasting whips to motivate horses.

In an age of cars, that buggy whip won’t be as necessary. However, you’ve learned how to work with leather and they use even more leather in cars (seats, steering wheels, dashboards, etc.). By thinking of yourself as a professional in leather, and more than just a buggy whip maker you expand your market and would have an ample amount of work head. Provide different leather products. Don’t think of yourself in the buggy whip industry but in the providing leather in many ways for customers industry.

Think like an entrepreneur. Be on the lookout for new trends. We are in a decisive shift today. The world is not like it was — even last year. This is creating a lot of opportunities for those who can change their thinking, adapt and come up with market-valuable skills.

Yes, you will have to learn some new skills. You’ll have to go back to school to improve. It might not be a formal education (although I’m a huge fan of that) but it will require more reading, online courses, audio training, hiring coaches, etc. Do whatever it takes to learn new skills and then provide value in the marketplace.

Remember that an entrepreneur also has to develop rhinoceros skin. I guarantee you will be turned down by potential customers. I guarantee you will have set-backs. Learn from these disappointments. Write down your lessons in your personal journal. Then adapt, change and get back in the game.

This is how successful people through the centuries overcame problems and the changes they faced. You can do it also. In fact, many people say they became much better and got a much better job after a disappointment or temporary setback.

As you learn to think like an entrepreneur, you will grab those skills needed and adjust. Remember, there is no job security today. Actually, there never has been. You have to create value each day for the marketplace to keep your job. This means learning new skills continually, helping others and serving them and becoming more business-astute all the time. Relationship Marketing is all about connecting with others and providing value.

Now is the time to aggressively embrace new opportunities and offers. This is what being an entrepreneur is about.

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