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What I’ve Learned That Can Help You From my First Few Days with my new Baby! My iPad

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Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
[Note: Be sure to listen to the enhanced audio of this on my podcast through iTunes, or at the bottom of this posting.  You’re gonna’ love this one!]
Well, I got it!  Finally!  I have the iPad that I”ve wanted for a long time.  I had to wait several extra weeks because of the backlog.  Ugh!  However, maybe that is just Apple’s way of teasing me like a woman.  But, that’s another story for another time..

I know there has been about 500 billion (an accurate number, I’m sure!) articles about the iPad already.  This is going to be a bit different.  I’m using it and looking not so much at the features, the technical specs and more.  Yes, those are nice.  However, I want to focus on the practical, real-world benefits for mobile professionals who embrace this technology.

For the record (and in the spirit of full disclosure) I have no financial ties to Apple.  They are not paying me anything for this.  These thoughts are from me to you.

What I’ve Learned Using The iPad For Just A Few Days

It Is Really Easy To Use.  I have used my iPhone for a while and the learning curve is almost non-existent moving from iPhone to iPad.  Same OS.  Same type of tapping vs. clicking.  Same type of apps.  In fact, most, but not all, my apps work fine from my iPhone on my iPad.

It Is Highly Portable.  This is really what gives it an advantage.  I can take my iPad from my office to the sofa, out on the road, and just about anywhere (maybe not the swimming pool yet!) and it seems to work nicely.  Yes, I have the 3G access in addition to the Wi-Fi and that makes it really good.  I’ve heard some say that the iPad is no big deal because we can do all of this on our computers.  This sounds like the argument from those who derided early automobiles because a horse could get you from point A to point B more reliably.  I understand what they’re saying but they miss the  point.  Hey we could watch movies back in the 60’s and we heard audio from boxes.  But it wasn’t the same as being able to carry it with us wherever we go and get updates with almost non-stop connection to the Net.  That makes this different.

It Is Rich Media.  I can switch from articles to audios to video, using my own videos, those on podcasts, audios anywhere, etc.  I particularly enjoy listening to podcasts for learning while I’m bouncing around getting breakfast, taking care of household errands and more. I can learn a lot while using some of that “scrap” time that would otherwise go wasted.

Magazines Are Almost Like “Harry Potter.” This is a real WOW! and we have just barely scratched the surface.  I purchased the current issue of Wired magazine.  When reading a page you hear music, listen to an audible story and watch the animation and motion.  I don’t have a small toddler but I’ll bet kids are going to love this!

Books.  This is another WOW!  I love reading books.  The new iBooks is okay and has a nice selection.  However, the ability to use the Amazon books app gives a lot more capability.  I’ve already purchased several books and find the reading experience very nice.  I love reading paper books and still will.  However, when I’m on the road for six weeks, it is very nice to have all those books — and more available — just with the click of my mouse.

PDF Reading.  This isn’t a native part of the iPad.  Get a copy of GoodReader for $1 at the app store.  It reads PDFs, Word Docs, plays MP3 audios, plays videos and more.  What a great product!  This gives me almost unlimited ability to read books that I’m now scanning to take on the road.  I love it!

Etc. Etc. Etc.  This is the best part!  There is a lot more coming.  The apps stores gives a vehicle for programmers to write new code and be creative.  With 1 million buyers thus far, you know there is a strong financial incentive to do more with this.

Yep!  This one is changing the world as we know it.  We’re going to see lots of new developments and lots of new ideas.  I’m finding more uses for it all the time.  Whether you get this one or wait for a competitor or the next release, you are going to change the way you compute.

And you will love it!!

Welcome to my new baby!!!

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