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Fix PC Problems with PC Fixer – Video Interview with CEO

If you use a Windows computer, you know about problems that can occur. In the past you had to bring in technicians and run a lot of elaborate software. Today there is a tool you can download and fix those repairs.

Recently I was able to talk with Haiying Wang, the CEO of Digital Support Technologies who has a solution for that. I tested it myself and it worked very well on an old, dilapidated computer I hadn’t adjusted in years. It was amazing.

Watch this video and you’ll hear Haiying talk about what it can do for you in real-world situations. PC Fixer is their down loadable software and it is worth investigating.

I look forward to your comments.


P.S. You’ve got to try this out. Here are the links you’ll need to try it for yourself:

Digital Support Technology:
PC Fixer:

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