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Francisco Apolstolo, Presidente - Euro PerfilesPanama!

I’m here in Panama and had to share some video of the city and a great principle that was brought home to me again. My friend, Francisco Apolstolo is Presidente of Euro Perfiles here in Panama. He and I had lunch today at a great Italian restaurant, Napolitis (try the chicken lasganga!) and he shareda great idea with me that can apply to you in your sales and marketing. Watch the video and you’ll get it.

Also, catch the end of the video and you’ll see some of the beautiful sky view of Panama City — including Donald Trump’s new building going up here.

Lots of good waiting for you on this 6:46 video. Enjoy and let me and the world know your thoughts in the comments (below). I look forward to hearing from you and yes, I read every entry personally! I look forward to your entry.

So long from Panama!


Terry L. Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE, [email protected]

Francisco Apolstolo, Presidente – Euro Perfiles

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