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I Am Not Lost. I Am Exploring.

By Terry L. Brock

Getting the sale can be tough. Sometimes you try and try and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting anywhere. There are times when it feels like you’re lost and can’t get through to that potential buyer.

However, it is all in how we look at it. Building relationships in business requires time and effort. Relationship Marketing is built on taking the right steps in the right way.

The other day I was listening to a song by folk singer and professional speaker Jana Stanfield. Jana is a friend and I’ve loved her music for years. One of her songs is entitled, I am not lost. I am exploring. The words go on to say, Life is an adventure worth enjoying. Sales and marketing are like that.

You have to enjoy the journey as you go. As you’re building those relationships with clients keep reminding yourself of the importance of enjoying the process.

True Relationship Marketing requires a series of steps that must be reiterated by seasoned professionals. Even if you’ve done it 1 million times before (or it seems like that many), you have to remind yourself to do it again. Just like professional pilots go through their checklist for every flight no matter how many times they have flown, you want to put yourself through the right procedures. This is true even if you’ve been in business for what seems like a million years.

Here are a few of the steps you want to process as you explore and enjoy the process of building successful Relationship Marketing:

1. Embrace The Sales Process With Positive Expectation And Enthusiasm. Your attitude will have a huge influence on those around you and on yourself. Staying positive is not just a trite idea—-it makes a strong impact on the bottom line!

2. Be Inquisitive. Keep your eyes and ears open as you enjoy the journey. As you explore building a relationship with your prospect ask lots of questions and listen to the answers. Watch between the lines. Discover what it is that your prospect really wants — not just what they say they want. Listen to what is not said. Find out where they are hurting and need help and explore ways to provide solutions.

3. Explore Creative Alternatives. Sometimes what worked in the past won’t work under today’s new conditions. I recently spoke to a group of wonderful people in the printing industry. That industry is changing dramatically in light of new video, audio, and web-based possibilities. It is also hit with the desire for people to be environmentally friendly. In addition to all that they are in an economy, like the rest of us, where their own customers are facing tight budgets. Doing business with ink on paper is different today. However, successful printers are seeing they do more than put ink on paper. Those who are most successful provide a vehicle to help their customers solve problems. Successful printers today build on top of their marketing expertise and recommend additional information dissemination solutions to solve problems for their customers. This is the way to achieve success in any industry and in any economy.

4. Deal With Real-World Objections. In the real world Relationship Marketing deals with concerns, stalls and serious objections that buyers have regarding the purchase. This means you have to study. You have to learn what others are facing. See the problem from their point of view. Don’t feel lost in this. Instead enjoy the exploring of new solutions for them as you recognize and seriously address their objections.

5. Learn From Each Experience. Sometimes a relationship is developed and sometimes it just doesn’t happen in spite of your efforts. Remember that you are not lost but exploring new options. Some relationships are just not for you. That means there are other relationships which can be more beneficial to both parties. Don’t let a few rejections stop you from exploring the bountiful possibilities that lie ahead. Learn from setbacks. Prepare for new approaches. Don’t fret about being lost but enjoy the journey as you explore new adventures.

Life really is an adventure worth enjoying. The sales process and the process of building successful relationships are worth the TME (Time, Money, Effort) required to make them happen. Not all ventures are going to be financially profitable. Welcome to my planet. That’s just the way it works here.

As you persist in your exploring you’ll find the joy of the adventure in sales — and in life. As Jana Stanfield sings, life is an adventure worth enjoying. Make your sales and relationship building process a most enjoyable one! By the way, to hear Jana sing this song that can help you through some tough times, go to and click on the button for Terry’s Blog Latest Update. For more information on Jana and her music go to You’ll not only enjoy her songs, it could be just that motivation you need when you’re facing a tough sale or situation.

Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and columnist who helps businesses market more effectively, leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their days using time-honored rules and practical technology tools. He can be reached at 407-363-0505, by e-mail at [email protected] or through his website at

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