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Description: Are you confused about social media, technology and all the flurry of activity that is going on in this crazy world?  Learn what business leaders in the US and around the world are doing to leverage technology and social media to gain a competitive advantage.  Discover new tools that can help you achieve your goals in this or any economy.

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • How companies are using Social Media to get more business right now.
  • What role your Facebook Page will play in generating business (you don’t have one yet???  You better be in this session!) What smart companies are doing now with this tool.
  • Tools for saving time in Social Media – be more effective and get the results your need.
  • What top leaders are doing with Social Media now to get business —- different from before!
  • Skype – the hidden benefits that companies are getting from using this ubiquitous communication tool.
  • Portable Technology – Is it iPhone, Android, Blackberry or something else?  What about the iPad or other tablets? Where the world is going and what you need to know to gain a competitive advantage.

Find out about how Social Media is being used for serious business today. Terry shares from his experiences with Skype and AT&T where he was the Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype! AT&T asked him to be Editor-in-Chief for their top-rated business blog. In both positions Terry helped to leverage social media tools to increase business results. Discover the secrets that work in today’s fast-paced culture in this session.

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