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Description: Relationship Marketing is about connecting with clients and making sure they stay with you for more than price.  In this program Terry  will address specific needs that buyers  have and show you how to take your business to the next level.

Your host, Terry Brock, is an internationally known professional speaker who has worked with many businesses in 35 countries.  As a professional who travels extensively, he knows the issues and concerns your clients are facing.  His entertaining, information-packed style will be a delight for you.

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • What Relationship Marketing is all about and how it applies in business today
  • How the world is different today for businesses and where our focus has to be to succeed.
  • How to think about customer service and the real metaphor that works — Not what you’ve heard before!
  • Tools which can help you today to get more done in less time
  • How social media will play into all this.
  • Must-have marketing ideas for today’s world.
  • How “Cloud Computing” can help you save money, be more productive and alleviate headaches for you.
  • Innovative ideas that successful people use to earn and keep new customers

This is a fun, information-rich, practical approach to marketing and how Relationship Marketing can help you. In addition to the above material you’ll also have the opportunity to ask Terry questions and get real-world, practical answers.

“You really go the extra mile in achieving client satisfaction. Your professionalism, ability to communicate your own knowledge of current technology effectively, attention to detail, and your own personality and sense of humor make you a wonderful presenter.”

Paula Cline, Creative Impact Group

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