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“Let’s write a swimming pool”

I’m up here in Baltimore as I type this. Speaking for a wonderful group of people who help others with Behavioral Health through their practice. Seeing what they do and the profound impact they have on others gives me encouragement.

Even though most of them are in non-profit areas, I had the thought that we only get something out of life when we produce. People who believe in “value for value” living are the people who get ahead. Those who feel that the world “owes them something” are destined to forever be begging and — worse yet — never achieve the greatest they can.

I’m reminded of the quote attributed to John Lennon of the Beatles. He once said that he wanted a swimming pool (apparently he didn’t have one yet). So, he concluded (very wisely) that he could get one if he wrote a song that did well. Of course, he and the rest of the Beatles wrote many songs that are still around today. People bought the songs they wrote and sang because people got more value from the songs than from keeping the money in their pockets. That is the key to success for you and me as well! Produce products and services which people want more than the money they have in their pockets.

By writing that song, he got his swimming pool (and a lot more!). He produced value for many other people and these people compensated him by purchasing the song. Nothing magical, but this is the key to getting what you want in life.

So, what “song” can you write to get “your swimming pool?” What is is that you want in life? It is good to have desires and ambitions that inspire and spur us onward as human beings. I’d even submit that we need these aspirations to become the best we can be.

Make it a point to “write your song.” Make your mark on the world in a profound way. As you “write your song” you’ll be able to get not only your “swimming pool” but whatever else you want.

The much revered gentleman Zig Ziglar said it best years ago in his legendary statement: “You can get anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Make it happen today in your life!


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Certified Speaking Professional
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