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Marketing:What’s Working Today

Find out what is working for your Internet Marketing today and a specific tool to use in this interview. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jef Gray, an Internet Marketer, who gave some specific advice on how to design web pages and a specific tool to use.

Watch this video and discover what can work for you in your work.

Next, here’s a quick video with Certified Speaking Professional Ken Futch. Ken is known for his story about how he accidentally shot himself in the head with a gun — and lived to tell about it. Ken makes the story surprisingly hilarious about how he overcame this really, really bad accident. Watch this video and see what Ken recommends with problems you encounter.

And last, here is the amazing, brilliant Mari Smith. Mari is known as a consummate marketer who helps people learn about social media and how to use it in business. In this video interview, she shared with me a secret on how to get things done with Social Media —- and with anything else. Follow her strategy and listen to what you need to do to make it happen. The few moments you spend watching Mari’s interview and focusing on what she recommends can help you in business — and in life.

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