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Happy Mid-Year Review

Mid-Year Review, Evaluations

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So, how’s that 2010 thing working out for you now? I love this time of year when we are exactly ½ the way through the year. Conveniently the rebellious signers of the Declaration of Independence in the United States had the good foresight to make July 4th the day for the celebration. It makes for a good time to step back, think and contemplate how things have gone thus far and where we’re going in the half-done year.

I’m a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. This gives us a chance to look back over what has happened and look forward to what the New Year is to bring. That is good for you individually as well as in your business.

Yet, too many people merely make vague, nice-sounding resolutions at the end of a year and don’t check along the way monitoring progress. A Mid-Year Review is an excellent way to pause, reflect on what has happned thus far (good and bad) and to make new resolutions, where appropriate for July –December.

So how is that 2010 thing working out for you? Are you making progress on the goals that are important for you? What has worked well for you thus far? What needs to be improved for the remaining six months?

Wherever you are, I encourage you to take this coming weekend and find some time for quiet reflection and candid review. I know I’m going to do it. Already have done some (end of day, 30 June, regular tradition now). Planning to do more.

In an economy like this one, it is very important to check what really works. Theory is nice but it only matters as it applies to practical, real-world applications. Use this weekend and this time of year to apply the theories you have to some real-world challenges. Then see what stands.

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