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Personal Responsibility: Making Relationship Marketing Work

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Business-Boosting Actions From Terry Brock

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”- General George S. Patton

Personal Responsibility. It’s a concept that we don’t hear much today — particularly from politicians. Yet, it is critical in your business and personal life to achieve anything worthwhile. If something is going to happen, you have to take the steps to make it happen. Don’t depend on others to do what needs to be done.

This is so important in the area of Relationship Marketing and getting bottom-line results. You can’t wait for your boss to provide what you need. Successful people take responsibility for your their own on-going education and training. This is critical for today’s professional. Regular, daily learning is imperative to stay ahead today.

A very important part of personal responsibility is knowing what is not your responsibility. It is not your responsibility to solve the political problems of the world. Instead of focusing on that — as we hear so many so willing to argue about — why not spend that same amount of time, money and effort on becoming better at marketing, selling and your business? Instead of watching yet another TV show about politics take that same time and effort to read classic books which will help you become more of the person you want to be. The current news has a way of taking care of itself. Classic, skill-enhancing ideas from legendary greats will help you for the rest of your life. The insights you gain are far better than knowing the “latest news” on some topic that will be irrelevant next week, let alone in years to come.

By accepting the challenges of personal responsibility, we are then able to enjoy the fruits of victory from our efforts — to paraphrase General Patton. Taking responsibility for the relationships in your life will help you to reap rewards far better for you than reading about some editorial opinion on a current news topic.

Here are five practical steps you can take to enhance your personal and business life now and into the future:

  1. Realize Your Success Is Up To You. An old saying sums this up very well: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”  You can’t depend on others to get results for you. You’ve got to muster whatever it takes for action from within you. Find what motivates you to achieve greatness and implement it.
  2. Take Responsibility For Relationships. Winners don’t wait for others to make the call, write the letter, or extend contact. Winners proactively reach out to others. Even if that other person rejects you or is non-committal, you can thank them as you gain skills and education on how to initiate interaction with others. If it begins a mutually-beneficial relationship, you win. If the other person rejects you and you gain knowledge, you still win. Either way, you gain by taking responsibility.
  3. Take Responsibility For Your Learning And Education. Successful people today are reading voraciously. They listen to quality audio for instruction and learning. They attend seminars. And here’s a key point— Successful people don’t wait for their company or their boss to pay for their education. Your company is not responsible for your professional growth — you are. Take matters into your own hands and get the education you need on a daily basis. If they are willing to pay something towards it, that is nice, but don’t wait for them to act. Don’t leave this important aspect of growth in the hands of others.
  4. Take Responsibility For Helping Others. You gain huge amounts of learning and growth by helping others. No one achieves success alone. You become a better person by being with others and helping them. I’ve always smiled as I realized you can’t out give this principle. Usually the return doesn’t come to you from the person to whom you give. However, there is some mystery in the universe that makes sure you get paid back in some way. I can’t explain it, but I know I have experienced it over and over. Perhaps you have as well.
  5. Don’t Take Responsibility For Matters That Aren’t Yours. This is equally important. Don’t assume responsibility to solve the world’s political problems. Don’t take responsibility for those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Know your limits and do what you can to be better yourself.

Accepting the challenges will earn you the right to enjoy the victories. Begin today by accepting responsibility for your own development and improvement in business. Make three new contacts today and refresh three existing relationships. Provide value for them first and you’ll become the better person you want to be.

Somehow, I think General Patton would agree.

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