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Practical Social Networking – Interview with Anne Bachrach

Anne Bachrach, the Accountability CoachWith all the hype about social networking and social media it is easy to lose track of what is most important. That is connecting with people.

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach. Click here to visit her website. In this interview we were able to cover a wide variety of topics about social media, the skills you need to get ahead today and what business and social media are all about.

Listen to the audio podcast and enjoy. This is not your average “Social Media” presentation. We go much further dealing with the practical, business nature of how to use it, how to determine the right amount of time and more. This is one you want to hear!  It goes in-depth on a number of items that will benefit you.  Length is 30:45 so you might want to download this one to your MP3 player of choice to listen to while working out, driving or in other ways.  You can listen to the audio via streaming or via download.  See the icon below to do that.

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