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PrintStik and The Printshop: Tools For Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Print Tools For Small Business

And Mobile Professionals To Succeed

Business-Building Ideas From Terry Brock

PlanOn PrintStik

If you are on the road and need to get a hard copy of important information, you know it can be a hassle.  Sure, you can try to send a copy to the front desk of the hotel, then go downstairs to get it, etc.  However, sometimes you just need a quick note printed from some directions or notes.

The Planon PrinStik could be just what you’re looking for. Recently the company gave me one of these to try out. It is light-weight (about 2 lbs.) and connects via a USB cable or Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth enables you to print directly from your Blackberry (iPhone soon) and avoid the hassles of cables.

PrintStik from Planon
PrintStik from Planon

The unit uses thermal paper. At first I didn’t like this as I wanted regular paper. However, for on-the-road use I see the advantages now. You don’t have to carry or use those pesky ink cartridges. You don’t have to worry about them breaking and spilling (on the road, this can be a challenge). You can purchase the rolls at your office supply center. One roll gives you about 20 pages, which should be enough for most on-the-road trips to print urgent and must-have communication. Two, maybe three rolls, should be more than adequate for most trips.

The prices for the PrintStik range from $199 to $350 depending on the features you get. The speed is fair at 3 pages per minute. For brief, on-the-road printing this will be sufficient. If you need to print 100 copies of something you’ll be better off at your local print-shop or office center at the hotel.

For today’s mobile professional, this is a great tool to help you when you have to have that printout. It is easy to carry on board a plane for those 1-2 day trips.

(PrintStik,, $199-$350)

The Printshop 2.0 Lets You Design Without Being A Graphic Designer

I love to see what programs like PhotoShop produce. However, I don’t have the time to learn that extensive (and wonderful) program. Well, the people at Encore USA must have been thinking about me when they came up with The Printshop. It is easy to use and comes with several templates for producing fliers, brochures, business cards and other printed material.

In an age when it seems everyone is sending out email and PDFs instead of printed material, you can get an advantage. Think of how you could send some physical pictures of that last convention to a prospect. Consider sending them in a nice frame for long-term memories. Print them on your own card stock using The Printshop and you’ll be able to stand out from the barrage of email that your prospect receives.

You can see an informative video interview I had with Jennifer Smiczek, the Product Director for The Printshop 2.0 at

The Printshop comes in three price levels from $29.99, $59.99 and $89.99. You can start with the entry level and gradually move up if you choose. Yet, for less than $100 you get a very nice, comprehensive package that can deal with many, if not most, of your printing needs.

I saw the templates and looked at what this can do. It is a nice product and for a small-business or a large company that thinks flexibility and agility, this is an excellent product to use. It can give you a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

This is also a good product to consider if you have been laid off and are looking for a good way to generate income. Using the templates they have (particularly in the $89.99 edition) you can develop some nice graphics and help to dazzle prospective clients with what you can do for them. This is a way for you to innovate your way out of any recession and generate the kind of income you want.

(The Printshop, 2.0, Priced from $29.99 to $89.99,

Comment about Tech Tools from Terry

I love technology. You can tell from my website here how I use them. I believe that the right use of the right tools can greatly enhance what you do in business and in your personal life.  However, the most important aspect of the tools is not the tools — it’s about the people.

That might sound counter-intuitive but it is absolutely true — and vital for your success in business.

I’ve seen many people through the years who focus on the “right technology” and think that just buying the right equipment will make them successful. Well, if it were that easy, everyone would be successful in business and no one would ever fail. Unfortunately, you have to do a lot more than just get the right equipment in business.

You have to get the right attitude to support others and help them. Think of the technology tools as ways in which you can serve customers more. Leverage tools like those I ilustrate here, the PrintStik and The Printshop, to help people. For instance, the PrintStik is great to make your commitments more firm with other people. It is great to remember appointments, important notes and ideas and more. This is what Relationship Marketing is all about.

Leverage the technology to help people. As you do that, you’ll be able to increase your business. Yes, the technology is good and there is always a new gadget or gizmo that we love hearing about.  However, keep it straight and always focus on people first. That is the key to business success.

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