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Get a Job, Charge Your Battery and Chill Out to Great Tunes!

Today I have a treat for you! Well, I actually have three (3) treats that are going to help you in some practical ways. First, there is a new service that helps match employers with job seekers in a wonderfully efficient way. Second, some new tools let you stay productive when your cell phone needs a little boost. And third, you’ll hear about a fabulous audio product so you can chill out, listen to great quality audio and relax.

RealMatch.Com Connects

Finding a job is always a challenge. Today it is even more challenging. If you are in the market for a job, you can leverage the power of a new technology at a site called Real Match ( that helps job seekers meet employers.

One of the technologies deployed is a real-time match. As services are updated and new resumes are added, an employer will receive updated information. This is good for job seekers as you know employers will see your details quickly.


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For the employer this is a good service as you find skill sets that can match the job you have available. You can get very specific with what you need and the background of people who are available.

You can find out more at Also, you’ll want to check out the special video interview I did with Rafael Cosentino, the VP of Business Development at In that interview he shared even more about the service and what they can do for you. See the video at:

Charge Phone And Laptop With Lenmar Technology

If you use an Apple iPhone, a Blackberry or other portable cell phone, you need battery power backup. Right when you have that important call to a potential client or colleague, you don’t want to run out of battery power.

Lenmar is a company that provides solutions for battery power regularly. With these new tools to power most Windows laptops, iPhones, Blackberries and other portable devices it is worth a look. This kind of power can help you get the extra life you need when those busy days happen and you have to keep going.

For a detailed video which shows you what is available and how the batteries work, go to:

Brilliant, Engulfing Sound To Chill Out From OrbitSound

Sometimes after those long, hard days, you need the option of relaxing and chilling out. Brilliant, soothing audio sound that bathes you in luxurious sounds is sometimes a great prescription. When you can get a portable system that is reasonably priced, that is even better.

I’ve written before about OrbitSound and their T3 portable audio player. I still use that tiny audio speaker today to hear breath-taking sound from a hotel room or other places. Now the company has outdone themselves with the new T12 unit for home or office.

The T12 Spatial Stereo Soundbar Dock from OrbitSound consists of two units, a subwoofer and a main unit with three speakers and access to your iPod or iPhone. I’ve tried both my iPod and iPhone in it and the sound coming from the speakers was unbelievable. It is rich, clear and crisp. When you couple your iPod or iPhone music with the T12 you get an engulfing experience that surrounds you with relaxing, or energizing sound.

This unit would also be good for the conference room to play training videos, audios and to be used in regular sales meetings. This can give you the advantage over the competition to learn specific sales-generating concepts.

Of course, it can go well when it is time to relax. I’ve found the T12 goes very well with a nice glass of vodka, but I’m sure it works with the beverage of your choice! Hey, you can also use it with your home theater for dramatic real-world sounds in this incredibly small unit.

Check it out at

The company is based in England but has US distribution. The latest check I did put the price at $478 but with the dollar fluctuating so much these days, check on the current price to be sure.

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