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Relationship Marketing & Dealing with People with “I” Trouble

How do you use the principles of Relationship Marketing and survive dealing with people who have what I call “I” Trouble?

In this video I interview Dr. Bill Lampton who is a former University Professor in the area of Communication. He and I talk about those people who seem to continually focus only on themselves. They are always talking about themselves and what they have done or are going to do.

These crass narcissists have “I” trouble because they use the word “I” (or me, my, or other talk focused only on themselves) incessantly. They have little regard for other people.

In this video you’ll discover what you can do and what Dr. Lampton recommends to have better communication.,

Thank you for sharing this with your community. Relationship Marketing involves people working together and helping each other. Someone who is continually focused only on themselves is missing a lot of benefits that can come from practicing the principles of Relationship Marketing.

Here’s wishing you the best and the ability to avoid people with “I” trouble.

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