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Relationship-Building Skills Pay Off For Your Bottom Line

Business-Building Thoughts From Terry Brock

Little things mean a lot? Not true. Little things mean everything. Harvey Mackay, Author, Speaker, Business Owner

Often the little things make all the difference in life. It is not just the big promotion or advertisement that seals the business deal. If the salesperson makes one little remark that offends the prospect, it can destroy the sale and ruin all the good work done (and all the money previously invested).

The biggest little things are those that relate to relationships and building them in business. Relationship Marketing, or R-Commerce as I refer to it, is about establishing, building and nurturing relationships for mutually beneficial results in business.

Recently I was able to conduct some video interviews with a couple of psychologists who mentioned some vivid examples of these little things in building relationships and getting business. This is important for you and me in our businesses.

Dr. Brian Grossman, from Palm Desert, California, consults with businesses about how to increase listening effectiveness. Today we have four generations in the workplace and communication styles can vary a great deal. Often the way expressions are said or what is done can make a huge difference in how it is perceived by the other party.

Dr. Grossman has worked with many people in his role as a psychologist. In the video he talks about the importance of repeating back to the other party what was said — or what we thought they said. This technique is simple and has been discussed a lot. Yet, it is practiced seldom. It is a technique that can help to let a tentative and slightly hesitant potential buyer feel reassured that you care for her needs. Watch the video and see what Dr. Grossman said and then let your people watch this. It provides a way for you to add a useful strategy to not only enhance communication —- but potentially increase sales. Watch this video with your close associates at and discuss how you can increase listening skills — and profits — in your business.

In another interview I spoke with Dr. Joachim de Posada from Puerto Rico, who was talking about the BookExpo America event he attended. Dr. de Posada has sold over 2.5 million copies of his books so he was there to renew ties with existing relationships and build new business relationships.

Dr. de Posada shared with me about the importance of being aware of opportunities. This is a little thing that can pay off in bountiful profits. As with most important principles in life, it is simple, but few people employ it. He shared with me how many literary agents set up meetings with authors to review their latest books and consider an introduction to a major publisher. As is normal, many of the authors don’t keep their scheduled appointments. That creates opportunities for the street-wise authors who would love to have just a quick moment to begin a relationship.

Watch the video at and pay particular attention to how Dr. de Posada shares this point. Then as you watch it with your staff and colleagues, ask how you could apply this principle to increase sales in your business. There are enormous opportunities every day. Few people take advantage of these little things which pop up regularly.

Yes, it is the little things that make all the difference. In an economy where we have to be more careful with marketing dollars, these little things make the big difference. And when they are free — that’s even better!

Extra Juice For Your iPhone

Mophie has done it again. I told you a while back about their slide-in packet for charging your iPhone. I’ve been using it on mine for several months and have been very pleased with its ability to give me about 4-5 extra hours (usually at the end of a busy day) just when I need the extra juice.

Well, they have come up with the new juice pack air. This extra battery slips comfortably around your iPhone while being careful to leave slots for full functionality for your charger, volume controls and camera ! It is like carrying the power cord with you — but you aren’t tied to the wall. When your battery goes dead and you have to make those important deal-making calls, this is the tool you want within arms reach.

No exact number of hours is given with the literature but it supposedly more than doubles the battery life of your iPhone. For the average salesperson and mobile professional, this is fine. Think of it saving your neck at 5:00 pm when you’ve been on the phone all day and the battery goes dead. You still have important calls to make through dinner and into the evening. The Mophie Juice Pack air for the iPhone 3G (also worked with my original iPhone) can save the day. This is a little thing which can save your neck when the battery dies!

(Juice Pack Air, $79.95,

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