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Success Trains, Failure Complains

This is a statement I saw recently from someone on that Internet thingy and I wish I knew who came up with it so I could attribute it to him or her. It is so true.

Too often people just want to complain. They find it easier to complain about a situation that is undesirable rather than do the work to overcome it. They’d rather ask someone else to fix it and they don’t take responsibility for their own life.

Your life is up to you., You are ultimately the one in charge and no one is there to rescue you. Life is such that it doesn’t offer “safe places” where you can hide. That is childish, at best.

It is up to the individual to take control of her or his own life. I remember listening to the late, great Harry Browne who talked about the wonderful time he realized that no one owed him anything. He was responsible for his own life. It was not up to anyone else to take care of him but he had to get out and hustle in order to get ahead. He said this was an incredibly freeing time for him.

You will find that same kind of freedom when you take control of your own life living peacefully to help others and achieve the goals that you want for your own life. As you help others achieve their goals, you will be able to achieve your own.

This is the paradox of life. You were on your own. You only breathe for yourself. You only sleep for yourself. Unless you’re pregnant you’re only eating for yourself. And yet the way you get ahead in life is by helping others.

This is the key. The way you achieve the goals that you want is by helping others. Train yourself to learn skills that will be valuable to others. Don’t complain about the way things are but instead learn new market valuable skills that will help others. The more valuable skills you have that will help others the better off you’ll be.

So be successful and train yourself and get the training you need to have those market valuable skills. Stop complaining and start training.

Thank you very much for joining me. Please share this with others so they can benefit from this idea. It is most important that we find ways that we can help others to achieve their goals and the wonderful way nature works is that as we help others we do better ourselves. Thank you for joining me.

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