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Time For Change, For Your Business

By Terry L. Brock

The election of Barack Obama is a change. Hey, my auto-dictionary on my copy of Word is still putting the red squiggly lines for unknown words under both his first and last name (that is going to change fast!). We have entered a new era in politics and the way business is done is also changing.

Or is it really change? Does the election indicate change or just a realization of what has existed already? I think it is a combination. As a marriage just formalizes the love that two people have for each other and a divorce formalizes the termination of a relationship that ended earlier, the event validates what has already occurred. Yet, we mark it as significant since we humans beings like a reference point — a date — to mark significance in our lives.

Many pundits are pontificating about the election. Some are useful, some mere blather. Quick side note: Try recording some of these predictions and then play them back for yourself in one year. See who was on the mark and who was way off. That will be good education.

But, what are the ramifications of this for your business? How will you conduct successful business under an Obama Administration in the States? If you’re out of the US, what are the ramifications of that for you? Now is the time to plan and adjust.

First, regardless of your political position, the vast majority of thinking Americans are saying it is about time that we have a black president. This is a turning point in our nation’s history. Some might have preferred another political perspective, but this is what has happened. We rejoice in that and this journalist adds his congratulations to the new President and new Administration wishing them the best for the next four years.

Having said that it is time to get down to business — our business. Another President of the US, Calvin Coolidge once said,  The business of America is business. Stop looking for political answers to solve your problems. Do you honestly think that by going into a voting booth and pulling a lever you will change your future? You have to make the change happen yourself. You have to shore up your business and make it work.

So, what can we do in a practical way now? Here are some steps that can help as you put your own business, your own career and your own life in order:

1. Deal With The Recession. Many are saying we are in one economically and psychologically. Now is the time to use this to your advantage. The best athletes strike hardest when conditions are brutal. When everyone else is taking a break, you can improve your skills, better your marketing and take the long-term approach. Changing circumstances require changing plans.

2. Get Back To Basics. Now is not the time for frivolity. Focus on what matters. Build strong, lasting business relationships. Improve your technology and skill in using it. As you leverage technology —- much of it already sitting on your desk! — you can send more valuable marketing pieces, contact hot prospects and be ready for the business that is taking place. Be sure to check out PC Fixer as I mention below!

3. Acquire Resources. Now is the time to buy. You can purchase homes and cars now with much better terms than when things were booming. You can also acquire new talent cheaper. Think about consultants you’d like to use for their expertise, but couldn’t afford them before. Now could be a good time to negotiate a deal and get the valuable knowledge you need at much lower price. While the competition is cutting back on everything, you will acquire the resources to help you now and in the future. Do some serious smart spending.

4. Listen To What Your Customers Are NOT Telling You. You have to read between the lines. Yes, ask them questions but listen on two levels: the one they say and the other they don’t say. Sometimes they want to do business with you but just can’t because of their own problems. Find ways to help those who are interested in working with you to do business with you. Make it easier for them. This will bring in some business now and engender good will for the future.

5. Re-Evaluate Relationships. Some people were friends when the money (yours) was flowing (to them!). Now is a good time to find out who is real and who was just blowing smoke about being with you. Cultivate those relationships that are real and will last. Jettison those relationships where others don’t embrace a value-for-value premise. This house-cleaning of relationships will help you to find better quality people for your business and personal life.

It is a time for change. This is true for the nation and for your business. Seize the moment and have fun! Make changes for the better.

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Happy Change to you!

Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and professional speaker who helps businesses market more effectively, leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their days using time-honored rules and practical technology tools. He can be reached at 407-363-0505, by e-mail at [email protected] or through his website at

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