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Unconventional Times Call For Unconventional Tactics

By Terry L. Brock

Here we go! It is a great time for learning and discovering things that we never thought possible. With these unconventional times we have to be willing to do things in unconventional ways. This means a big shift in what we were doing, the skills we bring to the marketplace and even how we think. These unconventional times call for unconventional tactics.

The good news is that we will be better in the long run for having cleaned up our style. However, it won’t be easy. Some will choose to give up rather than adapt. However, Darwin was right that we have to adapt and change in order to survive.


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You know, times like these can be exhilarating as it brings out the best in us. It forces us to draw from resources deep within. We have to become better people and change. You know that person you really wanted to become and the things you wanted to accomplish? Now is a great time to begin anew and make it happen.

Here are some time-honored steps that can help you make real-world, practical change.

1. Become Different And Better. Become the person that you really want to be and who the market is asking for. Come on! You know there are things you should do and you just never made it happen. Be willing to pay the price now to make it work. These are cold water splashed in your face times. How you deal with it makes all the difference. Take matters into your own hands to become the better person you know you really want to be and can become. Make it happen.

2. Crave Education. Think about it. You are not going to get better unless you learn and acquire the skills to be the person you want to be. This requires work. It requires a craving, a longing for education and learning like never before. Devour books. Absorb educational audio and video. Take the classes and seminars necessary. Hire the coaches who can help you acquire new skills. Pay whatever price is required to become a better, more fully-educated person. I don’t necessarily mean formal education, although I’m a huge fan of that. Get to know what is required and get to know your local library. Getting the right education is no longer optional. You have to go where the food is!

3. Stop It Already! In order to bring the good into your life you have to eliminate those activities, habits and people which are holding you back. Turn off the TV! Unplug your video games. These mindless activities don’t contribute ultimately to you becoming a better person. Replace that time with education and being around quality, life-enhancing people. Think about what you can eliminate from your life that is holding you back. You only have 24 hours each day so you have to eliminate something to replace it with positive, income-enhancing possibilities. Think about those activities that aren’t helping you and put then into your own “Stop Doing That!” category.

4. Be Creative With Your Re-Creation. You shouldn’t eliminate recreation but you must carefully choose how you invest that time. Instead of mindless TV, bathe your mind with quality, life-enhancing and uplifting quality music. Spend quality time with wonderful people instead of watching silly actors on TV or emotionally wrenching news coverage. Read classics. There is a reason they are considered classics and that means it is worthy of the time to read them. The best part is that this healthy recreation can be dirt-cheap. A Sunday afternoon with the family by the lake, playing outside or other activity can cost next to nothing. Yet, the results and benefits can be priceless. Raise priceless to the power of WOW! when you do it with loved ones.

5. Develop Persistent Optimism. I hear the cynics wailing about this now. They think that optimism is merely a charade covering reality. True optimism has a dogged-determination to find the good in whatever situation happens. It is how things are accomplished. How many cynics do you see who are really successful anyway? Make it your purpose and commitment to face life as a realistic optimist. Know what is happening and find a way to improve and make it better.

These steps will help you personally, which is the core for growing financially. We are in unconventional times. They call for doing things unconventionally. Yet, we will prosper in business and personally when we embrace the time-honored principles of learning, growing, serving others and being persistently, pragmatically optimistic. Look for ways to serve others and help them solve their pain and you will do very well yourself. This is how our ancestors made it through their tough times. It is how we will make it through whatever happens to us.

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