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What I Like Best about DTube and Steemit

Note: This was not published on  my blog but I created the video on Apple Clips, uploaded to Telegram, then dowloaded the MP4 from Telegram to my computer where it was the uploaded to DTube. I created a thumbnail for it over on Canva.

From there it was placed on Steemit through the DTube interface. I did nothing on my blog for this one.

I can make notes about my editing and more here but not post from time to time.

Note: I also want to look into Social report for handling the scheduling, coordination of various social platforms, and analysis of how the posts did. This way I can produce content a lot more but not fatigue my audience.

I might also send out email once a week, maybe twice. However, I can post to social media platforms more regularly. Doing that through Social Report might be a good idea.

Learning and exited about all of this.

It is good to be back in the publishing content mode. 

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