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Skills Needed to Get Job in Today’s Market

If you, or someone you know, is in the job market, this video (and the book it discusses) is a must for you. I had the chance recently to interview Brenda Bence. She is an author and professional speaker who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. She has written a fabulous book called, How YOU (TM) are like Shampoo For Job Seekers.

Even if you aren’t in the job market right now, this video can help you learn what customers (or future employers) look for. Brenda knows her stuff and comes from a wealth of experience in speaking with corporations around the world.

Enjoy the video and then leave your comments below.  You can help others with ideas and suggestions as well as let them know about yourself. I found Brenda Bence’s book to be enormously helpful, packed with real-world ideas on how to position yourself for getting hired. In any economy this book would be good. In today’s economy it is a must-read!

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